1.《The Golem at large : what you should know about technology》 Collins, H. M./ Pinch, Trevor J. 著
2.《An introduction to the sociology of health and illness》Kevin White 著 
3.《Health and Illness in a Changing Society》Michael Bury 著 
4.《Medical Sociology:Major Themes in Health and Social Welfare》Graham Scambler 編輯 
5.《全球化迷思》保羅‧赫斯特(Paul Hirst),格拉罕‧湯普森(Grahame Thompson) 著
6.《解讀社會政策》阿卡克 (Alcock, Peter) 著
7.《Testing Women, Testing the Fetus: The Social Impact of Amniocentesis in America》Rapp, Rayna 著 
8.《健康、疾病與醫療:醫療社會學新論》葉肅科 著
9.《全球化與臺灣社會:人權、法律與社會學的觀照》朱柔若 著
10.《後工業機會 一個批判性的經濟社會學論述》卜洛克(Fred Block) 著
11.《The Making of the Unborn Patient: A Social Anatomy of Fetal Surgery》 Casper, Monica J.著
12.《The imperative of health : public health and the regulated body》 Pro. Deborah Lupton 著

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《The Golem at large : what you should know about technology》

clip_image001作者:Collins, H. M./ Pinch, Trevor J. 著


Presents case studies that demonstrate how technological imperfections are related to uncertainties in science, citing such examples as the Patriot anti-missile missile, the Challenger shuttle explosion, and the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. By the authors of The Golem: What You Should Know About Science. Reprint.



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《An introduction to the sociology of health and illness》

clip_image001作者:Kevin White 著


The main purpose of this book is to demonstrate that disease is socially produced and distributed. Becoming sick and unhealthy is not the result of individual misfortune or an accident of nature. It is a consequence of the social, political and economic organization of society.

In developing this thesis, the book systematically introduces students to the major sociological explanations of the role and functions of medical explanations of disease. For example, Marxists focus on the way the organization of production produces sickness and disease. Parsonian sociology demonstrates how medicine acts to control deviance. Foucauldian sociology indicates how medicine constructs categories of `normal' behaviour and acts to enforce them. While, for feminists, medical knowledge is permeated with thinly disguised patriarchal assumptions about the nature and appropriate social roles for women.

The book situates the student securely in the literature and provides a guide to the strengths and weaknesses of the major sociological approaches. It draws out the essential features of the major sociological contributions and elucidates how an appreciation of the dynamics of class, gender, ethnicity and the sociology of knowledge challenges medical power.

Comprehensive, reliable and written with the needs of undergraduates firmly in mind, the book will be of interest to students of Medical Sociology and Medicine.


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《Health and Illness in a Changing Society》

clip_image002作者:Michael Bury 著


Health and illness are intensely personal matters. It seems self evident that health is a basic necessity of the "good life," though it is often taken for granted. Illness, on the other hand challenges our sense of security and may introduce acute anxiety into our lives. Health and Illness in a Changing Society provides a lively and critical account of the impact of social change on the experience of health and illness. It also examines the different sociological perspectives that have been used to analyze health matters. While some of the ideas developed in the last twenty years remain relevant to social research in health today, many are in need of urgent revision.



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WA31 B975 1997

《Medical Sociology:Major Themes in Health and Social Welfare》

clip_image002Edited by Graham Scambler


Medical sociology was first recognizable as a distinct area of study in the 1950s and is now probably the largest specialized area of sociology. This collection comprises a comprehensive statement of the history, current concerns and relevance of medical sociology to an understanding of health and health care worldwide. The articles included are genuinely international in two important respects: they represent the best of contemporary scholarship worldwide, and they have applicability to all types of society and health care systems.

A general introduction in the first volume provides a review of the development and state of medical sociology internationally as well as a rationale for the collection as a whole. Each of the four volumes also has its own introduction, and each of the four sections within each volume is preceded by a brief rationale.

Info from the website: http://www.routledge.com/books/details/9780415317795/


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WA31 M489s 2005


clip_image001作者:保羅‧赫斯特(Paul Hirst),格拉罕‧湯普森(Grahame Thompson)  著


在「全球化」這個名詞與概念,儼然已成了新的魔咒的此刻,Paul Hirst & Grahame Thompson合著的《全球化迷思》(Globalization in Question)能被翻譯出來,對台灣知識界誠屬重大的貢獻,可供我們作為另一種不同但更深刻思考的起點。





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clip_image001作者:阿卡克 (Alcock, Peter) 著




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《Testing Women, Testing the Fetus: The Social Impact of Amniocentesis in America》

clip_image001作者:Rapp, Rayna 著


Act as a moral philosopher of the limits, adjudicating the standards guarding entry into the human community." She illuminates the dense social and cultural context in which such decision making takes place—cultural ideas of maternal responsibility and which types of disability are acceptable, white middle class women's concern about being "selfish," Spanish-speaking women's concern with fetal suffering, multiethnic working-class concerns with how a disabled child will affect other family members, and new immigrants' fears about how such a child might jeopardize the family's ability to assimilate. Rapp also conveys the importance of religion, in providing not only spiritual direction but also social and material resources that affect these decisions. She vividly conveys how for women living with the real risks of poverty—dangerous neighborhoods, unemployment, depression, substandard schools, family members involved with drugs—"the very idea that risks are measurable and individual may be overwhelmed by other assessments women make" about more diffuse, socially-based risks to prenatal health. As she sketches this "practical epidemiology," Rapp notes, ". . . ironically, the very populations most at risk—less privileged, ‘older,' women having more pregnancies with more partners . . . may be the least likely to live by the numbers precisely because they understand their risks to be spread over a greater territory than chromosome analysis in pregnancy describes."

The final two chapters provide a "women-centered analysis" of what happens when a chromosomal anomaly is found. Rapp draws on interviews with 38 families of children with Down syndrome and participant observation with two parent support groups to describe the special pleasures and burdens of mothering these children. Here again we see how "the discursive and material resources available for families of disabled children vary greatly along the social fault lines."


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WQ209 R221 1999


clip_image001作者:葉肅科 著




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clip_image002作者:朱柔若 著




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《後工業機會 一個批判性的經濟社會學論述》

clip_image001作者:卜洛克(Fred Block)著 鄭陸霖, 吳泉源譯



Fred Block 在本書中直接挑戰新自由主義經濟學的核心概念,諸如勞動、資本和市場等,拆解宰制我們時代思維的自由市場迷思,讓我們在民主深化的社會裡,重新省思經濟究為何物,透視後工業資本主義所潛藏的諸多可能性,以及達成所謂「質性成長」更具人性的制度安排與經濟組織──這是我們引進《後工業機會》一書的脈絡。



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《The Making of the Unborn Patient: A Social Anatomy of Fetal Surgery》

clip_image002作者:Casper, Monica J.著


This is the first book to examine the emergence of fetal surgery as a new medical specialty and the debut of the unborn patient. Since its inception, fetal surgery has been highly controversial; it is risky, expensive, and fraught with peril for both women and their fetuses. It is proceeding rapidly without careful reflection about what it means and without public debate about its consequences. Drawing on a wide range of sources, Monica Casper shows how biomedical work has intersected with reproductive politics for three decades to generate new cultural meanings of fetuses, women, and medicine itself. In this ethnographic study of the social, cultural, and historical aspects of fetal surgery, Casper addresses the medical, political, and ethical questions raised by these still largely experimental procedures.


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WQ210 C342 1998

《The imperative of health : public health and the regulated body》


作者:Pro. Deborah Lupton 著


In an exciting reappraisal of public health and health promotion in contemporary societies, Deborah Lupton shows that health cannot be understood simply as the presence or absence of disease - rather, it represents a moral imperative that is embedded in social and cultural norms and expressed in public policies.

Using socio-cultural and political theory, the author analyzes the implications of the new social theories for the study of health promotion and communication. Combining sociological, anthropological, historical and cultural studies approaches, she analyzes the symbolic nature of public health practices and explores their underlying meanings and assumptions.

Key topics include:

- the history and emergence of the public health movement

- contemporary health promotion and public health strategies

- risk discourse and diagnostic testing

- the use of mass media and advertising in health promotion

- bodies, pleasures and the practices of self in response to health promotion

The Imperative of Health seeks to explore the ways in which some of the knowledge and practices of public health and health promotion have been developed and articulated, how they are justified, what ends they seek and their alliances and dependencies.

This accessible book will be essential reading for students and academics in the sociology of health and illness, health communication, cultural studies, mass communication, medical anthropology and sociology, nursing and public health.


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WA30 L966 1996